I am in the giant Building you are looking at, I am a squirrel. My name is Waldo, I am named after my great Grandma She was the first squirrel to live with humans. She used to be a legend, Now nobody likes her because no one wants to live with humans. I don’t live with humans I fell through the chimney. Girls are walking around They do not notice a tiny squirrel covered in ashes. I am bad at being calm or still or anything. My mom says I am bad at looking before I leap. That is true because when I was leaping to another branch I fell In chimney. Anyway I should probably get out. After i look around exploring classes and every room, I find myself in the worst room possible, The cafeteria. There are girls lagging and snickering, But Them somthing terrible happens one of them Yells there is no monster behind me, But then some one shouts squirrel, I scamper around frantically looking for a place to hide. Then I see it a chandelier I jump landing on a chandelier. The people keep running, I sneak out behind them. I Jump on to the branch of a pine tree I am safe, Finally. But a squirrel be hind me wants to race we jump over sticks lifting our bodies I win we land right in front of the chimney, But this time I am careful not to fall in. But The other squirrel pushes me of the roof into the chimney. When I fall and get out of the chimney, I see something  Legendary,  Traps For rodents. Did I ever tell you how my great grandma Waldo died? TRAPS RODENT TRAPS.  To be continued.  



                                  The best food In New york city, Is hard to find. The best hot dog in New York City, that’s harder. Most likely because the best is an opinion. But I found it. it was my second to last day in the city, We had hot dogs from carts, restaurants. everywhere! But we wanted mexican food, so we went to a taco place, And on their menu we saw hamburgers, Hotdogs, French fries. NYC food. But the prices were very cheap, so we decided to stay there. I got a hot dog and french fries. First I ate the french fries they tasted normal. Then I ate the hot dog it did not taste normal it tasted good. like mexican food. everyone elses food tasted normal. It was weird but I kept eating. When we were all done we paid the check and left like it was a normal restaurant. That is (in my opinion) Is the best hot dog in NYC. More later   -Aika (: